Traditional Fondue Savoyarde (1kg)

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Cheese fondue is a dish of melted cheeses served in a communal pot over heat and eaten by dipping long-stemmed forks with bread into the cheese. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish in the 1930s but its origins stem from an area that covers Switzerland and French Alps.


Chez Charles has made you this special cheese fondue mix made of our best selection of aged cheeses.

Chef's Tip on How To Prepare:

Rub the inside of the pot with a piece of garlic.
Add 75cl of Chablis to the pot and bring to a mild simmer over medium heat.
Gradually add the grated cheeses mix to the pot and stir constantly in a zigzag pattern (not in a circular motion). This is done to prevent the cheese from clumping. Do this until the cheese is just melted and creamy. Do not allow this mixture to boil.

Serve the cheese fondue over a flame to keep it warm and eat it by dipping dices of bread into the cheese.

Bon Appétit