Staub - Round Cocotte 24 cm

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This Staub Round Cocotte is so versatile as it may be used for all types of cooking like braising, stews, basting, even roasting whole poultry or a leg of lamb. Enamelled cast iron is a traditional and strong material without the usual high maintenance of cheaper cast iron products. All Staub products are enamelled on the inside and out, preventing rust and corrosion. No seasoning is required and it does not react to acidic foods. Its close-fitting lid helps keep moisture inside, while the self-basting spikes underneath the lid are designed to help continuously baste the food.

The Staub Cocotte is the preferred choice of chefs and discerning home cooks all over the world. As beautiful as it is functional, this pot, also known as a French Oven or Casserole, is essential cookware in the kitchens of those who know. Beating out other cast iron cocottes with its unparalleled style and longevity, Staub Cocottes have found their place as serveware at fine tables in high end restaurants and dinner tables all over the world. The Staub Cocotte (or French oven) is one of Staub's signature dishes.

Staub begun in Alsace, France. In 1974, Francis Staub designed his first enamelled pot in an old artillery factory, merging cast iron's utility with the latest technology available. Today, the success of these designs has become the benchmark for enamelled cast iron cookware and is the reference brand for some of the world's great chefs including Paul Bocuse.

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