Smoked Salmon Imperial Cut - Salmontini

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In their search for the finest fish, Salmontini ‘Le Fumoir’ have selected the best salmon purveyors, who share the same commitment they have to quality and excellence.


Le Fumoir import only Scottish salmon from the Hebrides Isles, as Scotland is renowned worldwide to provide the finest quality fresh salmon farmed in its pristine waters and natural environment and captured in a stress free way to ensure the most tender fish.

To guarantee the highest standards in freshness, flavor and texture, they also ship their signature salmon weekly into Lebanon and Dubai smokehouses where they operate according to artisanal processes used in Shetlands. With more than 20 years of experience, Le Fumoir relies on ancient art of manually processing, curing, smoking and hand slicing the Salmon.

This imperial cut comes from the top part of the filet creating a mouth-watering flavor.


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