Mauviel Stewpan with lid

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This Mauviel M'héritage Stew Pot/Dutch Oven from the 150s collection is ideal for soups and stews to cheesy pasta and fruit cobbler. The Mauviel copper cookware uniformly bakes, braises and marinates recipes including chili, enchiladas, pot roasts, and potatoes, to even chocolate cake and apple dumplings.

The M'héritage collection is a combination of two powerful and traditional materials, copper and stainless steel. This blend of materials enhances the pleasure of cooking.

Since 1830 Mauviel was established in Villedieu-les-poeles, France’s city of copper and has 7th generation heritage of copper manufacturing. Mauviel offers cookware manufactured in copper, stainless steel and aluminum that is unsurpassed in quality and design - praised by professional chefs and household cooks.

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