Beaufort d'Alpage (250g)

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Beaufort was already known in the time of the Romans and is named after a small rural town in the French Alps. Beaufort cheeses come in three versions, Beaufort, Beaufort d’été (summer Beaufort) and Beaufort d’Alpage (in the Alps mountains). The latest is made with milk from Tarine (or Tarentaise) cows.


They live in the mountains and graze exclusively on natural pastures. It is said that tasters can feel the grass and flowers of the mountain when eating a piece of Beaufort!

  • Type of cheese : hard
  • Made from: cow's milk
  • Storage: Wrap the cheese loosely in waxed or greaseproof paper rather than cling film and place it in a plastic box. Keep in your fridge at the lowest place.
  • Shelf life: 7days

Chef's Tip:
Chilled cheeses should be taken out of the refrigerator one and a half or two hours before serving. Recommended to serve the cheese on toast or in garnish for all your salads, can also be accompanied with jam and truffle honey.

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