Australian Beef Grain Fed 120Days Oxtail (1kg)

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Certified Australian Black Angus Beef is a Quality Certified product based on specific genetic produce of Black Angus in Australia.


Marbled meat prized by many for the flavor that comes from the intramuscular fat when cooked. Tasty, tender and juicy due to the its grain fed program. Initially cattle Black Angus are born and raised on open natural pastures of the Australian outback before being shifted to grain feeding for 120 days.

Oxtail is the tail of beef cattle. Can be used to make the most flavorful beef stock. The robust beef flavor comes from the bones and marrow but the meat is also very tasty.

Chef's Tip:
Recommended for soups or stews. Slow braising in a liquid is the preferred method to derive a tender result while drawing maximum flavor from what is pretty much all bones. Oxtail cooks particularly well in cocotte and pressure cookers.

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