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Make quality food part of your daily routine. Start now by browsing the selection of appetizing Starters, Mains and Desserts. Check The Dailies menu

Designed by our Michelin Star chefs, the Dailies are bringing the fine dining experience to wherever you are at home or office, with an outstanding selections of super special Entrées, warm wholesome Mains and indulging Desserts prepared daily with fresh handpicked ingredients from the worlds best markets.

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The presentation of food is as important as the taste. Served in clear glass containers to show the perfection in every detail, wrapped in a stylish package and delivered to you across Dubai.

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"Chez Charles have amazing option of foods and it worth what you pay for. Idea and concept of foods in a jar is super brilliant!! For food lovers, you'll not be disappointed by it at all. For those who have not try it yet, give it a go and you'll definitely going to love it!! Thumbs up!!"
- Ismet Samat

"Chez Charles Daily has been our foodie hero over the last two weeks taking the pressure off us and delivering high quality entrees, mains and the occasional dessert... love your work!!!"
- Sam Tiller

"yeah the best lunch option in town!"
- Wakami Saab

"I have tasted it and it's really good !!!"
- Chris Degenis

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